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We offer both beginner-friendly as well as advanced and professional coaching! Here, you will find a selection of coaches that will bring you to the next level in your favorite game.

Why should I book a coaching session?

A training session can help increase your gaming skills, even just from a handful of tips and tricks to improve your gameplay. Our coaches are able to recognize your mistakes and teach you how to avoid them, so through coaching, we offer an easy way for you to expand your game knowledge. An increasing learning curve not only leads to higher motivation, but also to more fun. Improving your skills faster and easier does not cost more than regular piano lessons.

Your Benefits in a Nutshell!

    - Improve your gameplay

    - Learn from our group of selected coaches

    - Increase your learning curve and fun

    - Get started in eSports

Why should you book a coaching session with GamerLegion?

Our coaches are carefully chosen to give you the highest possible quality. They themselves are enthusiastic players and want to share their knowledge with you. Many of the coaches have been or are working as coaches and players in eSports, so they can help you with any questions you might have about a game.

Money Back Guarantee!

Aside from our secure online payment, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with a money back guarantee in case of legitimate dissatisfaction, or if the coach is indisposed.


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