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Up your Skills and be a Pro!


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You rock and want to help other players?

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Why coaching?

Do you want to improve your Game?
Are you unsatisfied with your results and its annoying you?
Do you want to get into eSports but you dont know how?

Look no further!

GamerLegion is dedicated to help you find a Coach to improve your Game!

Pro-Gamer Coaching NOW:

    - Get to know how to play like a Pro!

    - Decide the Game & Win

    - Because Winning is fun! And a Win is a Win!

    - Improve your Play and your Team

    - Or get into eSports!

We guarantee: your skill will improve constantly while getting coached actively.
Most players already show major improvements after just a few hours of coaching!
As long as you stay eager and interested your skills will further improve.

If you are planning to get into eSports, the thing that matters most is YOU!
eSports takes alot of commitment and knowledge. We can help you with the knowledge, so you just need to have commitment.

We offer a range of Coaches in different games. From absolute beginner to Pro-level, we will have the coach fitting your experience.
And if not, if you are looking for a special gaming-coach for a special job or a special game, do not hesitiate and tell us and we will find you one!

You Benefit from our quality!

    - Money - Safety!

      -> 100% Cashback when your Coach is doing an unsatisfying Job!

      -> 100% Cashback when your Coach did not show up!

      -> 100% Fast and Secure payment!

    - An innovative and newly developed way to certify the quality of our Coaches!

    - Super-Easy to use Plattform with a lot of innovative tricks to improve useability!

    A super awesome GamerLegion-Staff Team with

      -> Knowledge in games - We play, too. Everyday!

      -> Knowledge about gaming - the whole GL-Team consists out of gamers, some were even Pros!

      -> Knowledge for gamers - our Boss was once an active Coach!

And much more! Try it out!

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