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Up your Skills and be a Pro!

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You rock and want to help other players?

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Learn to play? But why?

Do you want to improve your gaming-skills?
Your statistics are never perfect and this bothers you?
You want to get into E-Sport, but dont know how?

Then you have come to the right place!

The gamer legion offers you a wide range of coaches that will actively support you and give you valuable advice!

Pro-Gamer Coaching NOW:

    - Learn to play like a pro!

    - Decide & win

    - Because winning is fun! And a victory will always be a victory!

    - Improve your skills and help out your team!

    - Or try yourself in E-Sport!

We guarantee: Your abilities will improve steadily while being actively coached!
Most players already show massive improvements after only a few hours of coaching!
As long as you stay motivated and stick to it, your gaming skills will continue improving.

If you plan on getting into E-Sport, then YOU are the one, who is most important!
E-Sport needs a lot of knowledge and most of all engagement. Engagement is something you will have to bring yourself, but of course we will help you with the knowledge!

We offer a wide range of coaches in several games. Starting with beginners up to pro-level , we will definitely have the right Coach, which will help you get forward.
If you are looking for a gaming-coach for a special task or another game, then you can message us and we will try to find him for you!

You profit from the quality of GamerLegion!

    - Money safety!

      -> 100% of your money back, if you are massively unsatisfied with your coach!

      -> 100% of your money back, if your coach could not attend the session!

      -> 100% safe & fast payment!

    - A new and innovative way to test coaches!

    - Super-easy built platform with many innovative tricks, that ease the use!

    A super GamerLegion-Team with

      -> Knowledge in Games - We also play. Every day!

      -> Knowledge about Games -the whole team consists of Gamers. Some of us used to even be Pro-Gamers!

      -> Knowledge for players - our boss used to be an active coach!

And many more things! Just try us out!

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