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How I can become a GL-coach

1. Your skills

GL Coaches are known for their quality and must therefore meet a certain standard. You do not have to be the absolute best player, but the game must be completely understood and internalized so that no question remains unanswered. Of course, this does not mean that you learn numbers by heart, but you should know where to find what information and be able to explain it.
Ideally you have already had experience with E-sports. This again shows us better that you are dealing with the game and it is easier for us to assess you on the basis of your achievements.

The main focus is the ability to teach. A good player does not necessarily make for a good coach. Of course we can actively support you here, as long as you have what it takes!

But do not worry. Of course you can prove yourself to us regarless of how much experience you have within E-Sports. Just show us that you have what it takes to become a coach.

2. Your application

The next step is your application here on our website. Take some time and fill in the required information as good as possible. We do not know you yet and therefore it is important that we get a comprehensive impression of you and can assess you well. Above all, the reasons why you think you are a good coach are important as well as your previous experiences and achievements. As soon as you are satisfied with your application, send it off. Since we do not want to make any overly eager decisions, we ask for a little patience.

3. Your activation

After receiving your application, it will be reviewed by our experts and, depending on its assessment, we want you to convince us in a short conversation (Discord or Teamspeak). Here we just want to get to know you. We will inform you of our decision in a timely manner by E-Mail. As soon as the formalities are clarified we will unlock you as a coach of the GamerLegion and you can start right away!

4. Your benefits

The GamerLegion supports you with everything revolving around your coaching. Starting with the security of your payment as a coach, a simple and intuitive web platform, an open ear for everything, marketing and events up to worry-free support.

We at the GamerLegion want to support you and your offer. Be it by helping you to make your offer more attractive or even how to build and hold a coaching session ideally. We will help you to put your offer and your merit as a good coach in the center!

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